It’s that time of year again—time for snow tires and salt and all the things that come with the intersection of winter weather and driving. Fortunately for you, loyal Mountaineer Lincoln readers, we’re here to provide you with all the winter driving tips you need to get your driving done in a safe but practical manner this winter. You can’t control the weather and you can’t control the roads, but at least you can control how your car is equipped to handle both of them.

Preparation for winter driving should always start with your tires—if you don’t have good tires, tires that are equipped to handle the elements and that are not worn down, then you are likely not going to be successful as you drive. However, there are other areas of maintenance, too. Make sure all your vehicle’s fluids are full, buy new wipers, check your engine, transmission and brakes. Keep your car in tip-top shape to handle nature’s worst.

There’s also some personal maintenance that goes into winter driving as well. Never drive when you are tired, especially not in the winter when the cold and the dark creates a depressive effect. Always keep your car stashed with emergency equipment, from extra gas and blankets, food, clothes, and water to things as simple as a cell phone. For more tips on outlasting the long, cold winter, come see us at Mountaineer Lincoln. We also have excellent vehicles!

winter driving tips

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