The Lincoln Motor Company has come up with some very interesting new projects over the last few years, all in an effort to aid the rebranding of the company. For a while, though, those projects were outrunning the product line itself. Now that the product line has caught up, though, Lincoln is on to its next task—attracting youth to the brand.

That’s why the automaker chose Matthew McConaughey as their new spokesperson. And that’s also why the company has started the Music Selfie Experiment. Just take a selfie, post it to, and then Lincoln will create an original audio track to give your online selfie portrait. “Music plays a large part in Lincoln’s commitment to the arts,” said Dave Rivers, manager, U.S. Lincoln marketing communications. “Through the innovative technology of the Music Selfie Experiment, Lincoln is inspiring people of all walks of life to engage with the brand through music.”

Once you’ve got your own music selfie, come see us here at Mountaineer Lincoln. Drive away in your new Lincoln MKZ or MKC, singing that music selfie to yourself as you go. Actually, you can take more than one selfie, to create a whole spectrum of digital selfies for yourself. Enjoy all the fun at!

Music Selfie Experiment

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