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Staying Safe: Distraction-Free Driving Tips

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drivers are distracted for nearly 30% of the time they are driving, which is one of the major causes of accidents around the world. Eating, smoking, texting, and simply talking are just some of the ways we get distracted behind the wheel. That’s why we’ve put together a list on distraction-free driving tips.

The DMV distinguishes between many types of distractions: cognitive, visual, auditory, and biomechanical distractions. Cognitive distractions are those that keep you from paying attention. Ever forget you’re on the road for a second? That’s cognitive. Try pulling over to stretch your legs, taking breaths, and talking yourself back into focus.

Visual distractions take your eyes off the road. These should be avoided whenever possible, and includes things like changing the radio, texting, putting in a CD, or digging through the glove box. Never take your eyes off the road – try setting the music before your trip, and pull over if absolutely necessary.

Auditory distractions keep your attention away from the road as well, and include things like wireless phones, on-board DVD players, and even Sat-Nav systems. You should always turn the volume down as much as possible, but not using them at all is best.

Finally, biomechanical distractions refer to distractions caused by mechanisms in your car. Ever play with your mirrors, seat, or knobs? Try to adjust everything before you take off, not while you’re in the car.

distraction-free driving tips

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