Setting Up A Carpool

As school gets back into full swing, you may be more pressed for time (and money) than ever. One way to alleviate the responsibility of chauffeuring your kids to and from school and after school activities every day is setting up a carpool. Whether your kid’s school is just around the corner or across town, sharing the responsibility with other parents that you trust can free up serious amounts of time (and gas money) for everyone.

Start with your neighbors. Often, your neighbors are the best place to start when setting up a carpool. Because you all have the same origin and final destination, pick-ups and drop-offs become a breeze. Contact neighbors whose kids go to the same school as your kids. Joining forces is not only convenient, but you—and your kids—could make some new friends!

Ask the school. Sometimes afterschool programs offer options for parents looking to carpool. When buses aren’t an option, schools often facilitate carpool options or can at least point you in the right direction.

Once you have a carpool that works for your family, establish some basics to keep things running smoothly.

Set up a schedule. Make sure everyone knows their responsibilities, so there is no confusion. If the schedule involves multiple families and changing responsibilities, consider writing up a schedule for reference. Make sure emergency phone numbers and important information is included in the schedule. Also be sure your kids know who to meet, when to meet them, and where.

Establish rules. Basic rules, like being on time, buckling up, and no fighting should be clear. Work with the other parents to come to an agreement.

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