We don’t want to brag or anything, but the new Lincoln Continental Concept has seats that adjust 30 ways. Thirty ways. When a seat adjusts in that many ways, who even cares about what’s under the hood?

Lincoln hopes that by offering truly dynamic seats, future Continental models will provide new levels of comfort for everyday driving and long road trips.

“The new design of the Lincoln 30-way seats goes beyond the one-size-fits-all design seen in the past,” said Johnathan Line, advanced seat innovation supervisor and technical expert in a statement. “It conforms to your body and supports it in ways not previously possible.”

So exactly how does this seat conform to meet your individual needs? So glad you asked.

  • The seat’s lower cushion adjusts six ways.
  • The seatback adjusts two ways.
  • The headrest adjusts four ways.
  • The upper-back support adjusts two ways.
  • The lower seat-cushion extensions adjust four ways.
  • The thigh supports adjust four ways.
  • The lumbar support adjust four ways.
  • The seatback side bolsters adjust two ways.
  • The lower seat-cushion bolsters adjust two ways.

Lincoln continues to make safety and comfort priorities in its vehicle’s designs. Stop by Mountaineer Lincoln today to see how the automaker has already incorporated these elements into its current lineup!

Lincoln Continental Concept

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