Warming Up Your Car

As the temperatures begin to drop, the time of the year in which you dread heading out to your freezing cold car draws nearer.


Over the years, the concept of “warming up your car” has received different responses. While many consider it a necessary evil, others point out that it wastes a significant amount of energy, while producing emissions.


However, the current consensus says that while you should warm up your car, it takes much less time than one might think. And it’s not really the engine that needs to heat up nor the heater – it’s the fluids.


Specifically, the lubricating fluids that make everything run smoothly need to be heated up, as they’ve likely frozen over night. Even if they aren’t frozen solid, they won’t function properly until heated to their regular temperature.


Just a minute or so of heating up, and you should be good to go. That aside, however long you leave your car to heat up is based on personal preference—but remember, idling for long can waste gas and harm the environment. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. To get in a freezing cold Lincoln, or not to get in a freezing cold Lincoln, that is the question.

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