Replacing a car battery is easier than it sounds, so don’t sweat it! If you for some reason need to do an emergency battery change, you should have no trouble.

First, assemble your tools—you’ll need a new battery, wrenches, a socket and ratchet, and a battery cleaner and a brush.

Turn the engine off and let things cool down for a bit so you don’t burn yourself on any hot metal. Get a wrench and loosen the negative battery cable—that’s the black one—then pull it off the rest of the way with your hand. Do the same with the positive (red) cable.

Use a socket and ratchet to remove the battery hold down clamp, and then carefully lift the battery out, making sure not to knock it against anything. Use the brush to clean off any corrosion left by the battery acid, and put the new battery in.

Put the hold clip back, then spray the terminal ends of the battery with anti-corrosion spray. Put the battery cables back in reverse order—red, then black—and make sure nothing moves. If it moves something isn’t hooked in properly. If not, you’re all done!

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replacing a car battery

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