Following the unveiling of the 2017 Lincoln Continental, the brand has recently accomplished its goal of revamping its lineup to include a number of strong contenders in the core segments. The company now has a full-size SUV, three crossovers, and two sedans under its belt, and following this accomplishment, Lincoln president Kumar Galhotra hints that a new Lincoln lineup with more vehicles that deviate from the “core” classes could be in the works in coming years.

Two crossovers, the MKC and the MKX, were brand-new for the 2015 and 2016 model years, respectively, and their new generations were followed by the introduction of the 2017 MKZ sedan and Continental. With its current life cycle coming to an end, the MKT could see an update as well. After all of its central frontrunners have been revamped, that leaves Lincoln open to work on other new vehicles — possibly a sporty coupe or even a convertible. Galhotra admits that Lincoln currently plans to add at least two new products to the lineup in coming years.

Under Galhotra’s leadership, the new Lincoln lineup has been entirely reorganized and refocused to target the most popular and crucial segments in the auto industry, with an underlying central theme of “quiet luxury.” Critics speculate that under this focus on upscale comforts and amenities, it’s unlikely that Lincoln will release a performance car — but more sporty, energetic vehicles may be on the way.

New Lincoln Lineup

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