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Why You Need Car Insurance

Getting behind the wheel is simple, but driving without insurance can be an unnecessary risk. Not only could you be injured but you could lose everything in a severe accident. Around one-eighth of drivers hit the road without insurance, and that is not good statistic to read. Take it from us here at Mountaineer Lincoln. We have a few good reasons why you need car insurance before you get behind the wheel!

  • Cost. The most obvious reason you need car insurance is the sheer cost of an accident. In 2013, the average accident amounted to $9,300 in property damage alone. Once you include accidents with disabling injuries, the amount soared to nearly $81,000. That’s an amount that could easily bankrupt those without insurance.
  • Time and Peace of Mind. If you are in accident, your insurance carrier will walk you through repairing your car and taking care of the cost. When you’re on the road, whether you’re heading to work or on vacation, having insurance provides peace of mind. You don’t need to worry about the monetary cost of an accident whatsoever.
  • Legally Required. Many states require drivers to have a certain amount of coverage. Failing to meet that requirement could result in vehicle impoundment, license suspension, and fines. Having insurance can save you from a painful headache.

Why You Need Car Insurance

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