One of the most delicious summertime treats is fresh berries and nothing quite says summer like juicy, sweet blueberries. July is recognized as National Blueberry Month and if you love blueberries, here are some unique recipes to try.

national blueberry month

  • Blueberry Breakfast Cookies. Cookies for breakfast? You bet. This recipe combines a lot of powerful ingredients with some delicious goodness, too. You’ll be wanting to eat breakfast cookies every day before you head to work.
  • Boozy Blueberry Floats. This adults-only dessert combines the crisp taste of fresh blueberries with blueberry-flavored vodka and ice cream.
  • Blueberry Pizza. You might think blueberries on pizza sounds a bit weird, but with this recipe, it combines the sweet taste of blueberries with creamy whipped ricotta and caramelized shallots. Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed.
  • Blueberry Soup. Combine blueberries with honey, lemon juice, and cinnamon to create this deliciously sweet soup that can be served hot or cold.
  • Hot Blueberry Cheddar Dip. Who knew creamy melted cheese mixed with blueberries could taste so good? Give this creamy dip recipe a go and see how decadent you feel.

Which blueberry recipes are you most excited to try this month? Share you favorites with us in the comments below.

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