how to jumpstart your car

Have you ever gotten up in the morning and your car won’t start? We’ve all been there, so do not panic. Towing your vehicle can get expensive, so Mountaineer Lincoln wants to share these tips on how to jumpstart your car!

No matter who you are you should always keep a set of jumper cables ready in case of emergency. When you find another working car to help you, park it next to your dead one and make sure both cars are off. Now attach one end of the red cable to the positive side of the good battery, then the other side to the lifeless one.  Take the black cable and clamp it to the negative side of the working battery, then fasten the other end to an unpainted metal section of the car needing jumped. Do not attach the black cable to the negative side of the dead battery!

Now start the ignition of the functioning car and leave it running. Attempt to start the dead car and if it runs you can now disconnect the jumper cables and store them. You may need a new battery if it does not start within a couple tries.

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