how to avoid potholes

How many times have you been enjoying a nice drive—or, more likely, enduring a stressful commute in white knuckle, gritted-teeth anxiety—only to be disturbed by the sudden and painful impact of your car dipping into a pothole. We certainly empathize with you here at Mountaineer Lincoln. Fortunately, though, there’s finally a consistent solution on how to avoid potholes: just buy yourself a new Lincoln MKZ!

You see, the MKZ comes with a very special exclusive feature: pothole prevention. This is an excellent idea, you are probably thinking. But, you wonder, does it actually work? Yes it does, but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s how Tech Hive summed up their experience with the special feature: “the software works within two milliseconds, or about half the time it takes for you to blink an eye. The suspension ‘dampens’ or holds the tire from dropping all the way down into the hole. That’s basically like a force field you’d see in a sci-fi movie.”

The report continues, saying: “When I stopped with the tire hovering over the pothole, it stayed suspended in mid-air. On older cars, the tire would have dipped down into the bottom of the pothole.”

Forget about older cars—the Lincoln MKZ boasts the smoothest and most impressive driving performance you could ask for. Come see us here at Mountaineer Lincoln to check out all the MKZ’s features today!

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