Matthew McConaughey Lincoln MKC commercials

If you own a television then there is no doubt that you have seen the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln MKC commercials for the luxurious new SUV. The ads featuring the Oscar-winning actor started airing in September and have successfully shown that Lincoln is an auto manufacturer that produces high-class style. The Hollywood Reporter says that Lincoln is “extremely excited about the partnership and with the initial public reaction to the campaign.”

A lot of that public reaction has come in the form of parodies. Late night host Conan O’Brien had some fun mixing some bleak McConaughey monologues from the show True Detective into the ads, and daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres digitally inserted herself into the ads to tease the acclaimed actor. The new Mathew McConaughey Lincoln MKC commercials have even been mocked on South Park and Saturday Night Live, most recently.

Even though these new parodies may be having some fun at the company’s expense, Lincoln doesn’t mind the attention. As THR notes, “the campaign has people talking about Lincoln.” To test drive the luxurious crossover that everyone is talking about, stop by Mountaineer Lincoln today.

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