2017 Lincoln Continental Marks the Return of Real Luxury

2017 Lincoln Continental

The Return of Real Luxury

There’s little doubt that the American luxury market has been sparse in the past decade with few viable options that meet the needs of the modern driver. The 2017 Lincoln Continental looks to revolutionize the industry once more! The car of presidents and movie stars has made its return in a big way and marks the comeback of real luxury.

The 2017 Continental kicks things off with an E-latch door handle designed to make opening the door itself provide a sense of overwhelming luxury. The sleek lines and attractive grille create a sophisticated style, while the athletic wheels raise the bar for the industry as a whole.

Inside, drivers will enjoy the latest in infotainment technology, starting with the SYNC 3 system complete with advanced voice-recognition software. A Revel audio system provides pristine sound in the enclosed, acoustically-friendly cabin.

An available 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine offers 400 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque for a perfect 1:1 ratio. Plus, the new Lincoln Continental is available with all-wheel drive, allowing drivers to travel almost anywhere in complete style and comfort.

We at Mountaineer Lincoln are happy to see the 2017 Continental leading the charge is bringing real luxury back to the United States!


2017 Lincoln Continental Style Oozes Luxury

Lincoln is bringing luxury back with the all-new 2017 Lincoln Continental. This brand-new sedan, which uses one of the brand’s most well-known nameplates, showcases a new level of luxury. With an upscale interior, an elegant exterior, and a slew of high-tech features, the new 2017 Lincoln Continental style is making a big splash in the luxury car industry.


With the 2017 Lincoln Continental style, the American carmaker was hoping to offer “quiet luxury.”It does so in spades. A bold grille stands out from the rest of the front end, highlighted by a classy, unexpected headlight design. Sculpted bodylines create a dramatic silhouette, while chrome door handles look pretty and hide a pressure-sensitive E-latch door release. In the rear, the Continental offers a dramatic taillight design that is modern and innovative.

2017 Lincoln Continental Style Interior


Inside the 2017 Continental’s cabin, luxury is king. Heated, cooled, and massaging seats are available throughout—even the backseats—making it easy to feel pampered when you are out on the road. With a 30-way adjustable front seat option, it comes as no surprise that these seats are even referred to as “Perfect Position Seats.” There is even an available Revel audio system, which has 19 speakers.


The 2017 Lincoln Continental is pure luxury, making it a great option for premium car buyers. Learn more about this brand-new model at Mountaineer Lincoln.

Standard Pickup and Delivery Coming with 2017 Lincoln Continental

Starting with the 2017 Lincoln Continental, Lincoln will now offer standard pickup and delivery whenever the owner needs their vehicle serviced. This service will build on Lincoln’s commitment to providing customers with a warm and personal experience in every interaction with a Lincoln dealership.

When an owner schedules a service appointment, a Lincoln Service Valet will pick up the vehicle wherever the owner chooses and will provide a complimentary Lincoln loaner vehicle. Then, once the service is complete, the vehicle will be washed and returned to the owner.

“Lincoln Pickup and Delivery service revolves around complementing our luxury vehicles with outstanding luxury experiences,” says Andrew Frick, Lincoln North American director of sales and services, in a statement. “This kind of Quiet Luxury provides an exclusive and personally crafted service experience that enhances their lifestyle and saves them what is a true luxury item – their time.”

The Standard Pickup and Delivery Service adds to Lincoln’s ever-expanding list of valuable services for its customers, including Lincoln Concierge, Black Label, Date Night, and Lincoln Institute. With these programs and services, Lincoln aims to deliver the best all-encompassing vehicle experience.

Here at Mountaineer Lincoln, we are excited to be a part of this new program and look forward to serving our customers with this unique service experience.

standard pickup and delivery

2017 Continental Gets Approach Detection Technology

It’s an age-old sci-fi trope — waking up to your house’s AI telling you “good morning,” asking you what clothes you want to wear, and preparing your breakfast ahead of time. While Lincoln’s new Approach Detection Technology isn’t quite that advanced (yet), it’s getting there. The new 2017 Lincoln Continental is all about making you feel like your car is happy to see you and, even though a similar system was unveiled on the recent MKC, the Continental’s technology is far more sophisticated.


Imagine walking up to your vehicle first thing in the morning and, as soon as you come within eight feet, the whole car lights up — glowing door handles, puddle lights displaying the brand logo, and, in some upper-range models, sequentially-illuminating exterior lights. That’s exactly what happens in the 2017 Lincoln Continental, complete with ambient interior lighting and power mirrors that deploy automatically once the driver has taken a seat. Even the doors close by themselves.


Sheryl Connelly of Ford stated, “The idea of the approach detection is to make the Continental sense a passenger’s presence and invite them in, just like a friend would do or when you check in to a luxury resort. Everything you need and things you want will be there with the comfort of a home.”


Every aspect of the 2017 Continental is carefully crafted to ensure an atmosphere of high-tech luxury. Even the ambient lighting in the cabin and the LEDs in the door handles are the same color as the body of the vehicle to ensure a sense of continuity throughout. If you’re interested in the new Lincoln Continental and its Approach Detection Technology, the vehicle is due for launch fall 2016 in the United States.

Approach Detection Technology

New Lincoln Continental Makes Second Appearance at Chicago Auto Show

The Continental nameplate vanished from Lincoln’s lineup in the year 2002, when the premium sedan was dropped from the brand. However, the new Lincoln Continental for 2017 was unveiled at the recent North American International Auto Show in Detroit this past January and appeared again at the Chicago Auto Show this month, armed with a number of new luxurious standard features and meant to replace the outgoing Lincoln MKS model.

Representatives of the Lincoln brand hint that the cost of the new Continental will likely start below $50,000 — an unusually affordable member of the luxury sedan segment, especially considering the vehicle’s extensive list of amenities, ranging from massage chairs and rear seats with their own audio and climate controls to a full-length glass moonroof. With the Continental’s choice of two different turbocharged V6 engines, drivers can opt for their premium sedan to crank out 400 HP, and advanced safety features like collision warning and automatic cruise control are also offered.

The new Lincoln Continental, as part of Lincoln’s efforts to refocus on core segments, offers buyers a classically attractive design with styling that manages to effectively appeal to both modern and traditional tastes. With the Continental and possibly two more new vehicles on the way, Lincoln’s attempts to breathe new life into the brand may point towards success in the near future.

New Lincoln Continental

A Look at the Lincoln Continental Concept

Lincoln vehicles have always been some of the most luxurious on the road. One of the most refined Lincolns was the Lincoln Continental. Lincoln is revisiting that legacy of excellence with its Lincoln Continental Concept.

The Lincoln Continental Concept is the culmination of Lincoln’s forward thinking and advanced design. First and foremost, it looks amazing. The design team behind the new Continental has been able to merge the refinement of a Lincoln with the future of automotive vehicles. The result is a car that looks like it traveled from the future.

Inside, the vehicle is just as breath-taking. The design shows an advanced display that collects all the conveniences of modern technology and groups them together. The interior work is also defined by the signature expert craftsmanship you have come to expect from Lincoln.

You can sign up to be sent updates on the progress of the concept vehicle. However, Mountaineer Lincoln will keep you updated on its status as well, right here at this blog.

Lincoln Continental Concept Has 30-Way Adjustable Seats

We don’t want to brag or anything, but the new Lincoln Continental Concept has seats that adjust 30 ways. Thirty ways. When a seat adjusts in that many ways, who even cares about what’s under the hood?

Lincoln hopes that by offering truly dynamic seats, future Continental models will provide new levels of comfort for everyday driving and long road trips.

“The new design of the Lincoln 30-way seats goes beyond the one-size-fits-all design seen in the past,” said Johnathan Line, advanced seat innovation supervisor and technical expert in a statement. “It conforms to your body and supports it in ways not previously possible.”

So exactly how does this seat conform to meet your individual needs? So glad you asked.

  • The seat’s lower cushion adjusts six ways.
  • The seatback adjusts two ways.
  • The headrest adjusts four ways.
  • The upper-back support adjusts two ways.
  • The lower seat-cushion extensions adjust four ways.
  • The thigh supports adjust four ways.
  • The lumbar support adjust four ways.
  • The seatback side bolsters adjust two ways.
  • The lower seat-cushion bolsters adjust two ways.

Lincoln continues to make safety and comfort priorities in its vehicle’s designs. Stop by Mountaineer Lincoln today to see how the automaker has already incorporated these elements into its current lineup!

Lincoln Continental Concept

The Lincoln Continental Concept: A Modern Twist on a Classic

The new Lincoln Continental Concept is an elegant and modern take on one of America’s favorite classic cars. Featuring the distinct styling you would expect from a Lincoln Continental with a few twists, this new concept model showcases the potential of Lincoln brand vehicles.

Although few details have been released, this concept model features sweeping contours, unique multi-spoke wheels, LED lighting, and a never before seen linked grille design, according to Lincoln. Plus, the Lincoln logo in the grille lights up with the lights, creating an ominous, yet refined look.

“The Lincoln Continental Concept gracefully transports you from what is to what will be, through effortless, flowing lines that complement its bold athletic silhouette,” reads the Lincoln concept website.

A blue leather interior is striking when paired with the polished chrome trim. An intelligent touchscreen center display, information center, and premium sound system are just the tip of the iceberg. For drivers looking for the future of luxury auto design, look no further than the Lincoln Continental Concept or other Lincoln models.

Lincoln Continental Concept

Lincoln Continental Concept “A Strong Hint” Of What’s Sure To Come

It’s been over a decade since the world has been blessed with a new Lincoln Continental. As the recent New York International Auto Show unfolded, it became very clear that the world would no longer have to suffer this injustice.

Motley Fool reports that the Lincoln Continental concept was “one of the hottest cars” at the show. Before you break down and cry at the inclusion of the term “concept” at the end of the vehicle’s official title, listen to what Ford CEO Mark Fields said as he answered a question from Motley Fool.

“Next year, sometime next year, we will be launching the production vehicle, and we’ll call it ‘The Continental.’” So how close is the concept to the real deal? “This concept gives you a very strong hint of what the production model will look like.”

Fields also revealed that Ford took into account Chinese tastes when designing the Lincoln Continental concept, as the Chinese market is ripe for what Fields called the “quiet luxury” of the Continental. Does this mean that the vehicle may not be as relevant here in the States? Actually, according to Fields, there were “more similarities than dissimilarities” between the two markets.

lincoln continental concept

Is the Lincoln Continental Making a Comeback?

Is the Lincoln Continental making a comeback? Well, according to singer Neil Young on a recent episode of Mad Money on CNBC, it is. The Continental was the flagship model for Lincoln from 1939 through 2002 and always carried distinctive styling and came well-equipped.

Young revealed that he is currently working with the Lincoln Motor Company and his digital music player and download service, called Pono, will be available on the “Continental” for a “2016 release.” This information isn’t entirely out of the realm of possibilities as Lincoln is working on a replacement for the MKS and it is due out in 2016.

The upcoming MKS should be revealed in late 2015 and then go on sale in the spring of 2016. It will be a stretched version of the current front-wheel-drive platform used on the MKZ. We’ll keep listening for more any more information on the future MKS replacement.

What do you think? Should Lincoln revive the Continental name, stick with MKS, or choose something completely new?

Lincoln Continental making a comeback