Lincoln Shows Off Black Label at Home in Dallas

For the final stop in the Black Label at Home tour, Lincoln shows off its exclusive designer themes at a private residence in the Urban Reserve neighborhood in Dallas, Texas.

In the 4,000-square-foot home, luxury clients get to experience each of the four themes: Center Stage, Modern Heritage, Indulgence, and Oasis, in a home setting. The theme colors and materials are complemented by photography from Art Stelber, whose work includes photographs taken backstage at the Oscars.

“Black Label is Lincoln’s ultimate expression of luxury,” said Sally Garrett, Lincoln Black Label brand marketing manager, in a statement. “The Black Label at Home program has taken us to some of the most exclusive addresses in the country, and certainly Urban Reserve provides another luxurious elegant setting to tell that story.”

The Black Label at Home tour made previous stops in Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City. It will be on display in Dallas through June 4th.

The Black Label themes are available in both the Lincoln MKZ and MKC. They include premium materials and designer woods specially curated to tell a story. Which Black Label collection would you love to have in your Lincoln?

Black Label at Home

Black Label at Home Showcased in New York City

Not too long ago Lincoln introduced its exclusive Black Label collections for the 2015 MKZ sedan and MKC utility. Recently, Lincoln has been traveling the country with its Black Label designs with a stop most recently in New York City.

Lincoln designers took over a penthouse in Union Square to showcase each of the four Black Label themes—Center Stage, Indulgence, Oasis, and Modern Heritage. The event is called Black Label at Home and coincided with Lincoln’s sponsorship of the Tribeca Film Festival. Guests were able to enjoy the Lincoln Black Label collection along with new films.

“Each Black Label at Home experience represents a special opportunity for Lincoln,” said Lee Jelenic, Lincoln U.S. marketing manager, in a statement. “But when you factor in the importance of being in New York, and then the relationships we’ve built as a supporter of the Tribeca Film Festival, this is going to be a fantastic week.”

Each Lincoln Black Label theme includes high-end luxury materials such as Venetian leather, designer woods, and Alcantara. Each theme is expertly crafted to convey the ideal mood.

Which Lincoln Black Label theme would you prefer?

Black Label at Home

Lincoln and Matthew McConaughey Combine Forces for Charity

You probably know that Matthew McConaughey is an Oscar-winning actor, or at least that he loves to drive a Lincoln, based on his now-famous Lincoln advertisements. But did you know that he and his wife started their own charity?

It’s called the “just keep livin Foundation,” and they aim to empower students by “providing them with the tools to lead active lives and make healthy choices for a better future.”

The cause is one that Lincoln believes in, and according to an announcement made earlier this month, you can work with Lincoln directly to benefit the charity. The automaker recently explained that donations from their “Driven to Give” program will go the Foundation.

Driven to Give involves testing out new Lincoln models by allowing average consumers to drive them around. These events raise money for charities and various causes – the latest being the just keep livin Foundation.

We’re glad to see what the Lincoln and Matthew McConaughey friendship has created. Keep your eyes peeled for a Driven to Give event near you, and check out the just keep livin Foundation here at their website.

Lincoln and Matthew McConaughey

Lincoln Continental Concept “A Strong Hint” Of What’s Sure To Come

It’s been over a decade since the world has been blessed with a new Lincoln Continental. As the recent New York International Auto Show unfolded, it became very clear that the world would no longer have to suffer this injustice.

Motley Fool reports that the Lincoln Continental concept was “one of the hottest cars” at the show. Before you break down and cry at the inclusion of the term “concept” at the end of the vehicle’s official title, listen to what Ford CEO Mark Fields said as he answered a question from Motley Fool.

“Next year, sometime next year, we will be launching the production vehicle, and we’ll call it ‘The Continental.’” So how close is the concept to the real deal? “This concept gives you a very strong hint of what the production model will look like.”

Fields also revealed that Ford took into account Chinese tastes when designing the Lincoln Continental concept, as the Chinese market is ripe for what Fields called the “quiet luxury” of the Continental. Does this mean that the vehicle may not be as relevant here in the States? Actually, according to Fields, there were “more similarities than dissimilarities” between the two markets.

lincoln continental concept

Lincoln Navigator Named to The Car Book’s 2015 Best Bets

The latest Lincoln Navigator has been named among The Car Book’s 2015 Best Bets, demonstrating its reliability and ability to keep occupants safe in all situations.

The award is based on analysis of new vehicles in nine important categories, including crash tests, safety features, rollover, preventative maintenance, repair costs, warranty, fuel economy, complaints, and insurance.

The awards are granted by The Car Book in conjunction with The Center of Auto Safety and place a high emphasis on safety, by automatically counting out vehicles that haven’t received outstanding crash ratings. In government testing, all configurations of the 2015 Navigator earned the highest-possible five-star Overall Vehicle Score, adding to the lineup of safe vehicles at Mountaineer Lincoln.

The SUV also stood out thanks to its new, refined exterior design, best-in-class towing capability, superior second-row headroom and legroom, and the 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine. With 380 ponies to back it and mileage that earns up to 22 mpg on the highway, the Navigator is not only more powerful than it has ever been before, but also more efficient than its competitors!

2015 Best Bets - 2015 Lincoln Navigator

Lincoln Black Label at Home Moves to North Bay, Florida

Lincoln Announced last year that it would be introducing four new “Black Label” themes, available on the 2015 MKC and MKZ. The unique trims offer not only a high-end design, luxury materials, and exclusive color palates, but also special owner perks.

In an effort to showcase the four themes and the lifestyle implied with the ownership of a Black Label vehicle, Lincoln subsequently launched its Lincoln Black Label at Home house, located in the Hollywood Hills. The house was elegantly designed using the same color palates and materials found in the four Black Label themes, including Venetian leather, Alcantara® suede, and Ziricote wood.

Now, the Black Label home has picked up and moved cross-country, to the hip neighborhood of North Bay, Florida. Visitors to the home will have access to Bespoke Concierge Services, can choose a Black Label vehicle of their choice to drive during their stay, and will have access to some of North Bay’s most premier and exclusive destinations, including nightlife and restaurants.

Following its time in Florida, the Black Label house will head to New York, and then Dallas. Currently, only 32 dealers are authorized to sell Black Label vehicles and services, though Lincoln plans to expand authorized dealers nationwide as the program continues to be successful.

Here at Mountaineer Lincoln, we’ll keep you updated on everything you need to know about the Lincoln Black Label!

Lincoln Black Label at Home

No New Car Smell for China

For most North Americans, it’s a sensation to our nostrils. That new car smell has been a part of a car buyer’s experience since the beginning, but Chinese buyers are turning their nose up to it. “They don’t like it,” said Kumar Galhotra, Lincoln president. “We’ve gone through a very thorough process of understanding the materials that contribute to that smell.”

That new car smell we all know and love is caused by plastic, glue, and leather, something China has a little too much of. Factory smog fills the air much more so than in the west. A canister of absorbent carbon sheets removes the smell during transport. It’s as easy as tying your shoes. That’s just one challenge Lincoln has successfully overcome selling in mainland China.

Another challenge was the complete and total distrust of dealership repairs amongst Chinese customers. Lincoln took this distrust in stride and installed televisions, tea selections, and a lounge for customers to watch mechanics work. If owners feel like leaving, they can access a livestream on their phone, tablet, or laptop. Customer satisfaction and loyalty comes first abroad, just as it does at home.

It seems to be working too. Lincoln sales were up in the States and were better than expected in China. They must be pretty good. Lincoln is going forward with plans to expand, shooting for 60 dealerships by 2017. Lincoln may have been late to the party, but sometimes being late is better than being first.

Lincoln encountered fewer problems than other automakers upon entrance, having learned from their competitors’ mistakes and adjusting. Transparency, personalization, and, of course, tea are all a part of “The Lincoln Way”.

new car smell

Lincoln’s Music Selfie Experiment Attracts Youth to Brand

The Lincoln Motor Company has come up with some very interesting new projects over the last few years, all in an effort to aid the rebranding of the company. For a while, though, those projects were outrunning the product line itself. Now that the product line has caught up, though, Lincoln is on to its next task—attracting youth to the brand.

That’s why the automaker chose Matthew McConaughey as their new spokesperson. And that’s also why the company has started the Music Selfie Experiment. Just take a selfie, post it to, and then Lincoln will create an original audio track to give your online selfie portrait. “Music plays a large part in Lincoln’s commitment to the arts,” said Dave Rivers, manager, U.S. Lincoln marketing communications. “Through the innovative technology of the Music Selfie Experiment, Lincoln is inspiring people of all walks of life to engage with the brand through music.”

Once you’ve got your own music selfie, come see us here at Mountaineer Lincoln. Drive away in your new Lincoln MKZ or MKC, singing that music selfie to yourself as you go. Actually, you can take more than one selfie, to create a whole spectrum of digital selfies for yourself. Enjoy all the fun at!

Music Selfie Experiment

MyLincoln App for Android Controls Car from Phone

Android phone owners everywhere, rejoice—Lincoln has made it easier than ever before to control your Lincoln vehicle. The American carmaker recently announced that, through a partnership with Google, the free MyLincoln Mobile App for Android phones will offer new, seamless integration with the Google app. This integration, which makes Lincoln the first carmaker to incorporate the Google app into its own mobile app, gives Android and Lincoln owners the ability to control their cars with even greater ease.

“Delivering unique experiences for the luxury client throughout ownership is fundamental to Lincoln,” said Matt VanDyke, Director of Global Lincoln. “By innovating with leading tech companies, we have an opportunity to personalize the ongoing interaction between the customer and the vehicle.”

The new app is available on the 2015 Lincoln MKC, MKZ, and the soon-to-be-released Lincoln MKX. With this app, owners can start, lock, unlock, and locate their vehicle all with their phone. They can even schedule remote start times to ensure their car is nice and toasty during the cold winter months.

If you are interested in learning more about the MyLincoln App for Android phones, stop in to Mountaineer Lincoln today!

MyLincoln App for Android

Ford and Lincoln Dealers Help Support Local Communities Across the U.S.

According to Ford Motor Company, an amazing 95% of Ford and Lincoln dealers help support local communities either with monetary donations or by volunteering time. Each year, Ford sends out the Survey on Dealer Giving and according to the 2014 results, dealers donated nearly $100 million to local causes and nonprofit groups.

In addition, Ford and Lincoln dealership employees volunteered about 809,160 total hours.

After this survey, Ford recognized some of its most influential dealers at the 15th annual Salute to Dealers held at the National Automobile Dealers Association Convention. This year, Ford recognized six dealers from around the world who make a significant impact in their communities.

“These amazing results exemplify the pattern of caring and compassion we have come to recognize among Ford dealers across the globe,” said Edsel B. Ford II, who chairs the Salute to Dealers awards program and is a member of the Ford board of directors, in a statement. “We know that regardless of the challenges our dealers face, contributing at this level is done not just out of a sense of duty, but out of a passion they share with their employees and customers.”

Here at Mountaineer Lincoln, we are proud to be a part of the Charleston and Beckley communities and organize multiple charitable events each year. Just this past Thanksgiving, we organized a food drive to benefit the United Way.

What local nonprofit agencies would you like us to support?

Lincoln dealers help support local communities