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Lincoln’s 2016 Sales Finish Strong

Both here in the United States and across the world in China, Lincoln’s 2016 sales are an excellent sign. U.S. sales finished off with a 10% gain, Lincoln’s best sales in nine years. In addition, sales in China tripled over the past year, making Lincoln […]

Cook Up Something Delicious during National Blueberry Month

One of the most delicious summertime treats is fresh berries and nothing quite says summer like juicy, sweet blueberries. July is recognized as National Blueberry Month and if you love blueberries, here are some unique recipes to try. Blueberry Breakfast Cookies. Cookies for breakfast? You […]

5 Surprising Facts about Turkeys

Thanksgiving is just around the corner here in Beckley. That means families can enjoy a hearty feast of everyone’s feathered friend: the turkey. However, there may be some things you didn’t quite know about this big old bird. Here is a list of 5 surprising […]

Warming Up Your Car: Unnecessary Luxury or Requirement?

As the temperatures begin to drop, the time of the year in which you dread heading out to your freezing cold car draws nearer.   Over the years, the concept of “warming up your car” has received different responses. While many consider it a necessary […]


We would like to officially welcome you to the Mountaineer Lincoln blog! Mountaineer Lincoln is located in Beckley, West Virginia and proudly serves the greater Charleston, WV area. We know the car buying experience can be more of a stress than an enjoyment, so we have made it our […]

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