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Month: October 2014

Matthew McConaughey Lincoln MKC Commercials are Great for Brand

If you own a television then there is no doubt that you have seen the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln MKC commercials for the luxurious new SUV. The ads featuring the Oscar-winning actor started airing in September and have successfully shown that Lincoln is an auto manufacturer […]

Texas Hails 2015 Lincoln MKC at 24th Annual Truck Rodeo

The all-new 2015 Lincoln MKC was named the Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV) of Texas and the luxury Crossover Vehicle of Texas at the 24th annual Truck Rodeo earlier this week. The MKC stood out among the competition thanks to its all-EcoBoost engine lineup and array […]

The 2015 Lincoln Navigator: A Picture of Refined Style

Lincoln has refreshed, refined, and enhanced the performance of its luxury full-size SUV. The new 2015 Lincoln Navigator features a new EcoBoostengine, updated exterior design, and improved interior features, materials, and design. The 2015 Lincoln Navigator will offer exceptional passenger space, best-in-class towing capability (when […]

How to Avoid Potholes: Buy the New Lincoln MKZ

How many times have you been enjoying a nice drive—or, more likely, enduring a stressful commute in white knuckle, gritted-teeth anxiety—only to be disturbed by the sudden and painful impact of your car dipping into a pothole. We certainly empathize with you here at Mountaineer […]

Lincoln MKC Commercial Starring Ellen?

If you watch television or even have one in your household, chances are that you have seen the new Lincoln MKC commercials staring the infamous Matthew McConaughey.  One of the commercials he is sitting in his Lincoln MKC and there is a bull blocking his […]

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