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Month: December 2014

Driver’s License App Brings Us One Step Closer to Ditching the Wallet

There may come a day when we no longer need wallets – in the traditional sense, anyway, and that day may be here sooner than we think. A new app will allow Iowa residents to access their driver’s licenses on their phones, allowing users to […]

Lincoln Adds Revel Audio Systems to Luxury Vehicles

Lincoln is always looking for ways to establish itself as America’s premiere luxury automaker. One of the car company’s most recent ideas was to provide drivers with the same exceptional sound they receive from their home stereo system, while they’re still in their cars. To […]

Be Ready for Any Weather with These Winter Driving Tips

It’s that time of year again—time for snow tires and salt and all the things that come with the intersection of winter weather and driving. Fortunately for you, loyal Mountaineer Lincoln readers, we’re here to provide you with all the winter driving tips you need […]

Why the 2015 Navigator is an Ideal Choice for Winter Driving

Winter weather is enough to make even the most hardened driver cringe. Slick roads and hidden ice can make even the most routine excursion a dangerous game of change, and only the right combination of knowledge and a well-equipped vehicle can allow for something approaching […]

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