Windshield Wiper Maintenance: It’s Worth It

In the spectrum of car maintenance, it’s easy to overlook the all-important windshield wiper. Some people may even grow complacent enough to consider the wiper’s role as a matter of mere convenience. Of course, that’s until they fail (like when the rubber separates from the metal arm) during a snowstorm.

When you’ve got to resort to sticking your head out of the driver’s side window, and you’re eating snow and your eyes are watering and your face is becoming quickly frost-bitten, those are the moments when you realize that the windshield wiper ranks up there with other safety systems like brakes or airbags.

In reality, windshield wiper maintenance is quite simple. It consists of keeping them clean. That could be as simple wetting a paper towel and running it along the rubber part. That’s an easy thing to do while you’re filling up at the gas station.

While you’re cleaning them, feel to see if the rubber is chipped or otherwise damaged. If so, it may be time to replace them. And if you are going to replace one, you might as well replace the other one.

When it does come time for replacement, good luck trying to install the rubber refills (that’s where you keep the metal arm and attach new rubber to it). They say somebody actually did it once a long time ago in Fargo, North Dakota, but that claim has never been substantiated. Replacing the whole arm is a little more expensive, but it’s probably worth the extra dough.

windshield wiper maintenance

Lincoln Reports Impressive Sales Growth for 2014

Whether it was Matthew McConaughey in our new favorite commercials, or the introduction of the high-end Lincoln Black Label, or the launch of Lincoln’s first-ever MKC, the year 2014 was a good one for the automaker. Reports showed Lincoln experienced impressive sales growth throughout the busy year.

“Lincoln built momentum in 2014 – our new products and advertising campaigns have been warmly received,” said Kumar Galhotra, Lincoln president. “We launched the brand in China, and are off to a promising start.”

The brand’s North American retail sales totaled 94,474 vehicles, a 16 percent increase over last year’s retail sales and the best yearly sales the brand has seen since 2008.

The all-new MKC played a large role in boosting Lincoln’s sales, with over 2,000 sales in the last quarter of 2014. Sales of the MKZ yielded an increase of 5% over the number posted in 2013, and the Lincoln Navigator continued the growth with a 21% increase in sales over the previous year.

For us at Mountaineer Lincoln, we look forward to seeing how the brand continues to grow throughout the year as Lincoln reaches old customers and new conquests with its quality products and customer service.

impressive sales growth

Spy Shots Reveal Next-Gen Lincoln MKX

We’ve just gotten our first proper look at the next-gen Lincoln MKX thanks to fresh spy shots, which revealed the vehicle would look very similar to the concept that made its debut at the 2014 Beijing Auto Show—and that’s a very good thing.

The shape of the lower air dam is nearly identical, as is the character line running down the side. The twin-spoke wheels, integrated exhaust outlets, and stretched taillights are all there. The front end is slightly different, with the headlights not quite integrating themselves into the grille, though the split-wing grille still attempts to use the LEDs to wrap itself across the vehicle’s face.

The spy shots also revealed two different trims: one with LED headlights with front and rear parking sensors and another with projector lights and sensors only at the rear.

The next-gen Lincoln MKX will launch this year at Mountaineer Lincoln and be the first to benefit from the company’s new deal with Revel by Harman. We can’t wait!

next-gen Lincoln MKX

Matthew McConaughey is Back With New Lincoln Commercials

new Lincoln commercials

Matthew McConaughey is back with some new Lincoln commercials, which aired during various New Year’s Day college football bowl games.

The new ads are fairly straightforward. No deep philosophy while making head-to-hood encounters with bulls this time.

The first spot is called “Diner.” It starts off at a restaurant (not surprisingly), and highlights some of the Lincoln MKZ’s sleek elegance, push-button start technology, and the sexy retractable panoramic roof.

The second spot is “Balance,” which covers the MKZ’s masterfully crafted balance between design and fuel efficiency, showing that luxury car buyers can be environmentally responsible without having to compromise.

“The overwhelming response to the MKC campaign sparked truly great awareness for Lincoln,” said Andrew Frick, Group Marketing Manager Lincoln. “Matthew’s natural storytelling ability perfectly complements the Lincoln story as we continue to raise awareness and drive conversation in creative and unexpected ways.”

Watch both of the new Lincoln commercials below then head on over to Mountaineer Lincoln to check out the MKZ!

Is the Lincoln Continental Making a Comeback?

Is the Lincoln Continental making a comeback? Well, according to singer Neil Young on a recent episode of Mad Money on CNBC, it is. The Continental was the flagship model for Lincoln from 1939 through 2002 and always carried distinctive styling and came well-equipped.

Young revealed that he is currently working with the Lincoln Motor Company and his digital music player and download service, called Pono, will be available on the “Continental” for a “2016 release.” This information isn’t entirely out of the realm of possibilities as Lincoln is working on a replacement for the MKS and it is due out in 2016.

The upcoming MKS should be revealed in late 2015 and then go on sale in the spring of 2016. It will be a stretched version of the current front-wheel-drive platform used on the MKZ. We’ll keep listening for more any more information on the future MKS replacement.

What do you think? Should Lincoln revive the Continental name, stick with MKS, or choose something completely new?

Lincoln Continental making a comeback