2017 Lincoln MKZ Sedan Unveiled in Los Angeles


Starting with the 2017 models in its lineup, Lincoln is preparing to fit all upcoming vehicles with a new, redesigned front face – and the 2017 Lincoln MKZ sedan will be the first car to sport the upgrade. Revealed at the recent auto show in Los Angeles, California, the 2017 MKZ is just the latest in a family of innovative sedans, as the first Lincoln MKZ debuted in 2012 as part of the company’s plan to renew and refresh its lineup.


Some of the upgrades included with the new look include an updated interior, another high trim level with a more sporty look and capabilities, and the introduction of a 3.0-L twin-turbocharged V6 to the 2017 Lincoln MKZ’s range of engines. The ‘new face’ will be a Lincoln logo mesh grille, replacing the previous model year’s horizontal split-wing grille.


The 2017 Lincoln MKZ sedan offers car enthusiasts their first look at the next phase of Lincoln’s renewal plan. This phase begins with the introduction of the new front face, granting the company’s vehicles a more modern, luxurious look. The company also plans to introduce two new nameplates to their lineup by 2020.

Lincoln Company Revival Plans Focus on Core Segments

For the past few years, Ford’s luxury sub-brand Lincoln has been in the process of recreating itself for the sake of attracting new customers to the brand’s model lineup. Lincoln company revival plans stretch all the way until 2020, giving the company plenty of time to strategize and develop innovative new designs, models, and nameplates.


The first step in Lincoln’s plans appears to be removing the horizontal split-wing grille and replacing it with a more classically attractive mesh grille with a Lincoln star pattern. The 2017 MKZ will be the first vehicle to sport this new face and is planned for a mid-summer 2016 debut, followed by the Continental that fall. In addition, Lincoln plans to introduce two all-new models to the lineup, with the new nameplates focusing on core segments instead of luxury coupes or sports cars.


So far, Lincoln company revival plans appear to be working, as the company is preparing to register two consecutive years of growth. Sales skyrocketed by 16 percent in 2014, and this year has seen a 7.5 percent increase, placing the brand in one of its best positions within the industry since 1998.

Lincoln company revival plans