Charleston Welcomes 2016 FestivALL Celebration May 27th

Charleston, West Virginia, is packed with fun events and festivals all year long, but the people behind the 2016 FestivALL celebration don’t want you to have to choose — instead of deciding between multiple events in the same weekend, why not go to all of them at once? Starting this Memorial Day weekend, FestivALL brings together some of Charleston’s favorite events in one place, so you won’t have to pick a favorite.


The first event of the weekend, beginning on Friday, May 27th, will be Live on the Levee. Their first show of the 2016 season is slated to begin at 6:30pm that evening. Food and drinks will be available for purchase.


The next day — Saturday the 28th — will be both an indoor and outdoor event known as the Taste-of-ALL. Taking place at Haddad Riverfront Park and 4Points by Sheraton, Taste-of-ALL is focused on giving festival-goers a taste of local and regional fare, all the while providing live entertainment and a make-and-take art area for the creative types. Beer and wine tastings will also be available.


Festiv-ALL will conclude Saturday evening on the Schoenbaum stage, where a number of both local and national musical artists will take the spotlight to perform. Like Live on the Levee, there will be food and drinks available.


Sunday will finish off the event lineup with West Virginia Public Broadcasting bringing the MOTH to Charleston, a radio program with an emphasis on the art of storytelling and the diversity of the human experience.


The 2016 FestivALL celebration on Memorial Day weekend is only a preview of further celebrations to come. The festival will return in mid-June from the 16th until the 27th to showcase live music, great food, plenty of drinks, and regional art and culture. Don’t miss it!

2016 FestivALL celebration

2017 Continental Gets Approach Detection Technology

It’s an age-old sci-fi trope — waking up to your house’s AI telling you “good morning,” asking you what clothes you want to wear, and preparing your breakfast ahead of time. While Lincoln’s new Approach Detection Technology isn’t quite that advanced (yet), it’s getting there. The new 2017 Lincoln Continental is all about making you feel like your car is happy to see you and, even though a similar system was unveiled on the recent MKC, the Continental’s technology is far more sophisticated.


Imagine walking up to your vehicle first thing in the morning and, as soon as you come within eight feet, the whole car lights up — glowing door handles, puddle lights displaying the brand logo, and, in some upper-range models, sequentially-illuminating exterior lights. That’s exactly what happens in the 2017 Lincoln Continental, complete with ambient interior lighting and power mirrors that deploy automatically once the driver has taken a seat. Even the doors close by themselves.


Sheryl Connelly of Ford stated, “The idea of the approach detection is to make the Continental sense a passenger’s presence and invite them in, just like a friend would do or when you check in to a luxury resort. Everything you need and things you want will be there with the comfort of a home.”


Every aspect of the 2017 Continental is carefully crafted to ensure an atmosphere of high-tech luxury. Even the ambient lighting in the cabin and the LEDs in the door handles are the same color as the body of the vehicle to ensure a sense of continuity throughout. If you’re interested in the new Lincoln Continental and its Approach Detection Technology, the vehicle is due for launch fall 2016 in the United States.

Approach Detection Technology