Three Dangerous Driving Habits

Some driving habits are completely benign, if not socially unacceptable, like rocking out to “Who Let The Dogs Out” on repeat with your windows down. Other driving habits are just plain dangerous

# 1 – Drowsy driving. The real problem with drowsy driving is that pretty socially acceptable. Everybody seems to do it. But they probably wouldn’t if they knew the statistics. Drowsy driving contributes to 100,000 crashes a year.

# 2 – Speeding. There is certainly an acceptable margin of speeding. If there weren’t, then police officers would pull you over for going 1 mph over the speed limit and that’s nearly unheard of. However, speeding excessively lowers your reaction time. It also means you are no longer driving with the flow of traffic, which makes you unpredictable. The result is higher risk of accidents.

# 3 – Failing to yield the right-of-way. This is a common cause of accidents and a dramatic cause of accidents among folks 70 years old and older. If you are unsure about who must yield in certain traffic situations, follow the signage. In the absence of signs, study these rules.

Maybe your questionable taste in music can’t be helped. But your dangerous driving habits can.

Three Dangerous Driving Habits

Earth Day Projects to Take Part In

Earth Day ProjectsSpring is the loveliest time of the year to spend time outdoors. That’s probably why Earth Day takes place in April! In order to make sure that the great outdoors stay beautiful, you can participate in various Earth Day activities to help the planet. Here are just a few Earth Day projects to take part in.

  1. Pick up Trash at a Park

There is no better place to experience the beauty of nature than in a city or national park. That is why it is heartbreaking that so many people litter here. Help our parks stay beautiful by volunteering to pick up trash.

  1. Plant Trees

Our planet and our species rely upon trees to create the oxygen we breathe. Therefore, the least we can do is plant a few extra trees. They also make the community look a lot nicer and provide habitats for animals.

  1. Form a Work Carpool

For an automotive Earth Day project, consider forming a car pool with your co-workers. By doing so, you will reduce the amount of fuel emissions your vehicles make. Plus you will get to know your co-workers a lot better!

No matter how you decide to celebrate it, enjoy your Earth Day and the planet the holiday celebrates!

Basic Pumpkin Carving Tips to Consider Before You Begin

Pumpkin Carving Tips

Carving the perfect pumpkin isn’t easy, and believe it or not, the tricks begin all the way back at the beginning: the pumpkin patch. Be sure that the pumpkins you are choosing from are fresh, with no visible bruises.


It’s also best to purchase a pumpkin with a flat bottom, which will make it easier to keep the pumpkin standing up. And if you plan to use the stem as a handle, keep a sharp eye out for sturdy-looking stems.


Once you’ve made your choice be sure that you scoop out as much pulp as you possibly can. This will make a huge difference in the longevity of your carved pumpkin’s lifespan and will help it to dry out more quickly.


Lastly, be safe with your cutting utensils. It may seem like a good idea to purchase cheap cutting tools—believing that you may not use them outside of pumpkin carving—but these are more likely to be insufficient and cause injury.


And of course, never allow children to carve pumpkins while unsupervised.


Do you have any other pumpkin carving tips? Let us know your ideas in the comments, and be safe as you celebrate Halloween in Beckley this year!