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Three Dangerous Driving Habits

Three Dangerous Driving Habits

Some driving habits are completely benign, if not socially unacceptable, like rocking out to “Who Let The Dogs Out” on repeat with your windows down. Other driving habits are just plain dangerous… # 1 – Drowsy driving. The real problem with drowsy driving is that […]

Earth Day Projects to Take Part In

Spring is the loveliest time of the year to spend time outdoors. That’s probably why Earth Day takes place in April! In order to make sure that the great outdoors stay beautiful, you can participate in various Earth Day activities to help the planet. Here […]

Basic Pumpkin Carving Tips to Consider Before You Begin

Carving the perfect pumpkin isn’t easy, and believe it or not, the tricks begin all the way back at the beginning: the pumpkin patch. Be sure that the pumpkins you are choosing from are fresh, with no visible bruises.   It’s also best to purchase […]

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