Three Dangerous Driving Habits

Some driving habits are completely benign, if not socially unacceptable, like rocking out to “Who Let The Dogs Out” on repeat with your windows down. Other driving habits are just plain dangerous

# 1 – Drowsy driving. The real problem with drowsy driving is that pretty socially acceptable. Everybody seems to do it. But they probably wouldn’t if they knew the statistics. Drowsy driving contributes to 100,000 crashes a year.

# 2 – Speeding. There is certainly an acceptable margin of speeding. If there weren’t, then police officers would pull you over for going 1 mph over the speed limit and that’s nearly unheard of. However, speeding excessively lowers your reaction time. It also means you are no longer driving with the flow of traffic, which makes you unpredictable. The result is higher risk of accidents.

# 3 – Failing to yield the right-of-way. This is a common cause of accidents and a dramatic cause of accidents among folks 70 years old and older. If you are unsure about who must yield in certain traffic situations, follow the signage. In the absence of signs, study these rules.

Maybe your questionable taste in music can’t be helped. But your dangerous driving habits can.

Three Dangerous Driving Habits


Best Historical Attractions In West Virginia

Are you a history buff? We’ve put together a list of the best historical attractions in West Virginia, perfect for your nex outing.


Weston Hospital, a.k.a Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum


This place is fascinating for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s one of the best examples left of the Kirkbride hospitals. It also happens to be the second-largest hand-cut sandstone building in the world, second only to the Kremlin!


West Virginia Penitentiary


It can be interesting, and enlightening, to visit a prison from a bygone era, an era when prisoners had very little rights. If staring at the gothic-style architecture isn’t unnerving enough, you can take a tour, as they are offered daily, and learn more about all of the riots and infamous inmates.


Wheeling Suspension Bridge


This beautiful engineering marvel was once the largest suspension bridge in the world between the years of 1849 and 1851. It was the first bridge to span the Ohio River and its existence was essential to the success of the National Road.


Even for those well-versed in the subject, the historical attractions in West Virginia can amaze as they each reveal something special about the history of the state.

best historical attractions in west virginia

Cook Up Something Delicious during National Blueberry Month

One of the most delicious summertime treats is fresh berries and nothing quite says summer like juicy, sweet blueberries. July is recognized as National Blueberry Month and if you love blueberries, here are some unique recipes to try.

national blueberry month

  • Blueberry Breakfast Cookies. Cookies for breakfast? You bet. This recipe combines a lot of powerful ingredients with some delicious goodness, too. You’ll be wanting to eat breakfast cookies every day before you head to work.
  • Boozy Blueberry Floats. This adults-only dessert combines the crisp taste of fresh blueberries with blueberry-flavored vodka and ice cream.
  • Blueberry Pizza. You might think blueberries on pizza sounds a bit weird, but with this recipe, it combines the sweet taste of blueberries with creamy whipped ricotta and caramelized shallots. Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed.
  • Blueberry Soup. Combine blueberries with honey, lemon juice, and cinnamon to create this deliciously sweet soup that can be served hot or cold.
  • Hot Blueberry Cheddar Dip. Who knew creamy melted cheese mixed with blueberries could taste so good? Give this creamy dip recipe a go and see how decadent you feel.

Which blueberry recipes are you most excited to try this month? Share you favorites with us in the comments below.

Three, Powerful New Matthew McConaughey Lincoln Ads Highlight 2017 MKZ

Lincoln has announced that they will be airing three new commercials for their “It’s Like That” campaign, starring actor Matthew McConaughey, highlighting the new 2017 Lincoln MKZ. McConaughey has been the front man for Lincoln adds for a few years now, always raising the bar.


With director J.C. Chandor behind the scenes, the commercials are “filmed in a style and tone that” aims to convey “exhilaration and the visceral feeling of driving.” The ads will air both on television and digitally in both the United States and Canada.


You can check out the three ads now – “Shave,” “Midnight,” and “Ensemble” – courtesy of YouTube.


What do you think of the new Matthew McConaughey Lincoln ads? The award-winning actor has changed the game for car commercials, with other automakers struggling to keep up with such talent for their ads.


To learn more or to check out the 2017 Lincoln MKZ in person, visit us anytime at Mountaineer Lincoln.

Learn These Fundamental Steps to Jump Start a Car Before You Need Them

Do you know how to jump start your car? It’s best to learn now, before it is too late. Here are the basic steps to jump start a car:


  1. Call a friend or make friends with a kind driver nearby that is willing to help.
  2. Grab your jumper cables, which – take note – you will want to have purchased and in your trunk ahead of time.
  3. Put both cars in either park or neutral and shut off their ignitions.
  4. Attach one of the red clips to the positive terminal on your battery and the other red clip to the positive terminal on the other battery.
  5. Then, attach one of the black clips to the negative terminal on the other battery, and lastly, attach the last black clip to an unpainted, metal surface on your car.
  6. Try to turn on your vehicle.


This should solve your problem, and as long as you drive around for a bit without turning off your car again, your battery should be good to go. To learn more or for more tips, visit us anytime at Mountaineer Lincoln.

Steps to Jump Start a Car

Earth Day Projects to Take Part In

Earth Day ProjectsSpring is the loveliest time of the year to spend time outdoors. That’s probably why Earth Day takes place in April! In order to make sure that the great outdoors stay beautiful, you can participate in various Earth Day activities to help the planet. Here are just a few Earth Day projects to take part in.

  1. Pick up Trash at a Park

There is no better place to experience the beauty of nature than in a city or national park. That is why it is heartbreaking that so many people litter here. Help our parks stay beautiful by volunteering to pick up trash.

  1. Plant Trees

Our planet and our species rely upon trees to create the oxygen we breathe. Therefore, the least we can do is plant a few extra trees. They also make the community look a lot nicer and provide habitats for animals.

  1. Form a Work Carpool

For an automotive Earth Day project, consider forming a car pool with your co-workers. By doing so, you will reduce the amount of fuel emissions your vehicles make. Plus you will get to know your co-workers a lot better!

No matter how you decide to celebrate it, enjoy your Earth Day and the planet the holiday celebrates!

Lincoln Unveils the Lincoln Navigator Concept

When it comes to luxury SUVs, Lincoln practically invented the category. For years, Lincoln has introduced drivers to some of the most luxurious SUVs on the road. Lincoln is now prepared to introduce drivers to the future of luxury vehicles.

According to a recent Lincoln press release, Lincoln unveiled its Lincoln Navigator Concept.

The Navigator Concept represents the future of not only the Lincoln brand, but the entire category of luxury SUVs. The Navigator is set to include a sleek exterior and an interior that is customizable so as to meet the needs of any kind of driver.

“The all-new Navigator Concept reinforces our commitment to give every Lincoln client what we call quiet luxury – vehicles and experiences that are elegant, effortlessly powerful and serene,” said Kumar Galhotra, president of Lincoln. “This kind of quiet luxury sets Lincoln apart. Now, we’re showing fans of large SUVs how we can exceed their expectations, without being the loudest statement on the road.”

We look forward to when the Lincoln Navigator is no longer just a concept, but rather the next vehicle in the Lincoln family!

Lincoln Navigator Concept

2017 Lincoln MKZ Starting Price

The 2017 Lincoln MKZ originally debuted at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show. Hitting dealerships this summer, the luxury sedan packs more power, more features, and a new starting price. Making a name for itself as the most powerful Lincoln ever built, the 2017 MKZ is bound to make waves in the premium market.

With a starting price at $43,575, the 2017 Lincoln MKZ lands right in the middle of its class.

The sedan boasts a new, more powerful 3.0-liter V6 engine capable of producing 400 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. When equipped with the V6 engine, it’s the most powerful Lincoln to ever hit roadways. The V6 engine comes with all-wheel drive, providing a sportier ride with better handling.

Only a handful of luxury sedans offer 400 hp, and none of them offer the same luxury and value as the Lincoln MKZ. Available with 20 Revel speakers and all the premium materials you could ask for, this sedan is in a class of its own.

Not interested in power? No problem. The Lincoln MKZ also offers a smaller, more fuel-efficient 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 245 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque.

We here at Mountaineer Lincoln can’t wait for the arrival of the MKZ!

2017 Lincoln MKZ

New Lincoln Continental Makes Second Appearance at Chicago Auto Show

The Continental nameplate vanished from Lincoln’s lineup in the year 2002, when the premium sedan was dropped from the brand. However, the new Lincoln Continental for 2017 was unveiled at the recent North American International Auto Show in Detroit this past January and appeared again at the Chicago Auto Show this month, armed with a number of new luxurious standard features and meant to replace the outgoing Lincoln MKS model.

Representatives of the Lincoln brand hint that the cost of the new Continental will likely start below $50,000 — an unusually affordable member of the luxury sedan segment, especially considering the vehicle’s extensive list of amenities, ranging from massage chairs and rear seats with their own audio and climate controls to a full-length glass moonroof. With the Continental’s choice of two different turbocharged V6 engines, drivers can opt for their premium sedan to crank out 400 HP, and advanced safety features like collision warning and automatic cruise control are also offered.

The new Lincoln Continental, as part of Lincoln’s efforts to refocus on core segments, offers buyers a classically attractive design with styling that manages to effectively appeal to both modern and traditional tastes. With the Continental and possibly two more new vehicles on the way, Lincoln’s attempts to breathe new life into the brand may point towards success in the near future.

New Lincoln Continental

New Lincoln Lineup Could Be On the Way

Following the unveiling of the 2017 Lincoln Continental, the brand has recently accomplished its goal of revamping its lineup to include a number of strong contenders in the core segments. The company now has a full-size SUV, three crossovers, and two sedans under its belt, and following this accomplishment, Lincoln president Kumar Galhotra hints that a new Lincoln lineup with more vehicles that deviate from the “core” classes could be in the works in coming years.

Two crossovers, the MKC and the MKX, were brand-new for the 2015 and 2016 model years, respectively, and their new generations were followed by the introduction of the 2017 MKZ sedan and Continental. With its current life cycle coming to an end, the MKT could see an update as well. After all of its central frontrunners have been revamped, that leaves Lincoln open to work on other new vehicles — possibly a sporty coupe or even a convertible. Galhotra admits that Lincoln currently plans to add at least two new products to the lineup in coming years.

Under Galhotra’s leadership, the new Lincoln lineup has been entirely reorganized and refocused to target the most popular and crucial segments in the auto industry, with an underlying central theme of “quiet luxury.” Critics speculate that under this focus on upscale comforts and amenities, it’s unlikely that Lincoln will release a performance car — but more sporty, energetic vehicles may be on the way.

New Lincoln Lineup