Fun Thanksgiving Treats that Aren’t Pie

If you want to mix it up at Thanksgiving this year, we’ve found some fun dessert ideas that will set your treat apart from the smorgasbord of pies. Plus, they’re super fun for the kids to help out with!

Check out’s article on Turkey Treats for a 14 cute and simple recipes. Using chocolate peanut butter cups for the faces and candy corns for feathers, you can make adorable turkey Rice Krispie treats, or turn no-bake cookies into turkeys with pretzel sticks. If you want to get really artsy, make some cutout cookies and decorate them—the ones featured here are seriously impressive. also has an article on mini-desserts for Thanksgiving so you can put away as many different kinds of sweet things as you possibly can before the day is done. Mini sweet potato soufflés, pumpkin cheesecake fries, pumpkin spice fudge, and fried apple rings are just a few of the recipes on this list, and they all look absolutely amazing.

You should also look through the New York Times Cooking section for non-pie Thanksgiving desserts, which features pecan pie truffles, pumpkin panna cotta, pumpkin gelato, and apple crumb crostata. I think we’re developing a pattern here. Is it really a Thanksgiving dessert if there’s no apple or pumpkin?

These recipes are perfect for the pie-exhausted baker, so click those links and get inspired!

Thanksgiving treats

5 Surprising Facts about Turkeys

Thanksgiving is just around the corner here in Beckley. That means families can enjoy a hearty feast of everyone’s feathered friend: the turkey. However, there may be some things you didn’t quite know about this big old bird. Here is a list of 5 surprising facts about turkeys.

  1. Benjamin Franklin never voted for the turkey to be the national bird. He merely stated that it was a more majestic bird than the Bald Eagle. America disagreed.
  2. Male turkeys have a stretch of flesh over their beak, which is called a snood. Females lack this snood over their beak.
  3. In order to attract a mate, male turkeys will spread their wings and puff out their chest, similarly to a peacock.
  4. Wild turkeys are able to reach speeds of up to 55 mph when they fly through the air.
  5. Turkeys can have up to 6,000 feathers. Imagine having to pluck all those out before you could eat one!

From our family at Mountaineer Lincoln to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

Facts about Turkeys